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Branding & Marketing Solutions

Institutions of higher education increasingly recognize brand management is critical to enrollment and development success. Your brand is about the outcomes of your students, about your mission, about your distinctive in the marketplace. The brand should be visible and consistent from your publications to your physical spaces.

Strong, accurate brand awareness will help your institution position itself in the exact right place in the higher education landscape to make key constituencies take notice. Our branding projects uses data-driven research to uncover brand perceptions, create your brand positioning and align marketing messages with your mission to help you infuse your brand throughout campus culture, communications, and operations.

The result? Improved recruitment, enrollment and retention of best-fit students who believe in your mission and the educational experience you offer.

Comprehensive Branding

What’s your institutional story? How do you share it at the right time with the right people to drive key enrollment indicators? We balance current institutional reality with an aspirational vision of your institution s future, building a strong foundation for enhancing overall image and awareness.

In our comprehensive branding project, we partner with you to uncover your brand and create a focused brand platform which combines:

  • Quantitative and qualitative market research with key constituencies.
  • Presentation of a full brand plan, inclusive of internal positioning and external messaging.
  • Creative concepting and market testing

Market Research

So what? That s the question we ask when looking at data. What implications does the data have for how we grow, operate, and allocate resources on our campuses?

If you’ve ever looked at a research report, you know that data paralysis can set in early and often. Whether we are working on Comprehensive Branding, Competitor Studies or other market research, we’ll translate numbers into actionable strategies and ideas that don’t require a regression analysis to understand. By undertaking qualitative and quantitative research with your most important audiences, we discover themes in perceptions and assumptions, and then dig deeper to understand what will drive key indicators. We find the pulse of the extended community you serve, and help you understand how to reach them effectively.

Organizing for Success Module

We know that the marketing department on a university campus must be structured in such a way as to promote best and next practice in higher education marketing. In this Organizing for Success Module, we provide consultation around leadership, departmental strategy and function, and prioritization of initiatives and resource allocation.

Credo can also conduct a wide-ranging assessment of your departmental structure, evaluating the alignment between skill sets, titles, and position descriptions. Individual and group meetings with existing marketing staff offer insight into current reality, give team members a voice in the process, and help create an aspirational plan for the future.

The result is a powerfully strategic alignment of resources, operations and staff, effectively preparing the department and the university for moving ahead with a successful agency-model marketing operation.

Strategic Positioning Module

The most critical component of a brand plan is the positioning statement which lays out a vision for the marketing operation, describing your institution s marketing distinctions with focus on what is true and motivating to key target audiences.

Utilizing your existing market research in combination with in-depth qualitative data collection, we will deliver a targeted brand positioning plan focused around action, examining the white space your institution fills in the market and how best to capitalize on those strengths.

Data-informed positioning builds a focused platform from which your institution can launch strategic marketing and communications initiatives, leverage its strengths and move its brand forward in the marketplace.

Competitive Analysis

Where do you stand out among your competition?

IRMS experience suggests that a competitive analysis is most effective when true competitor institutions are determined from relevant market research with your most critical audiences: prospective and current students.

A competitive analysis research project seeks to determine your primary competitor institutions and programs in an effort to provide valuable insights into the current competitive marketplace, and uncover points of distinction for your institution in the higher education landscape.

Findings and recommendations from a thorough competitive analysis provide a strong foundation from which an institution can clarify its message, build presence in the marketplace and grow enrollment.